Booze, Brains, and Boobs…the life of a girl with a bar

It’s all in a Name

They say that it is all in the name, and truth be told, I have held off starting this blog waiting for the name to came to me!  I would love to say that this vision came in some flash of brilliance, or some sleepless night going over food orders, but I do, after all, own a bar!  This name came to me as it should; after a fabulously chilled, shaken not stirred, filthy, dirty martini with gigantic blue cheese stuffed olives!  Ok, ok, you caught me.  It was really as I was well on my way into the second one!!

Almost two years ago, I left what seems like a different lifetime ago, of being a single mommy to small children, a school teacher, and the excellent connoisseur of vodka and red wine!  I had no prior food service management, had never been a bartender, and, had absolutely no idea what the hell I had just thrown myself into!

These past two years have been the most incredible journey, and it is one that I am still on.  It is one that has involved booze, dear God, a whole shit ton of booze!!  Booze bought by the hundreds of cases, booze drank celebrating my successes, booze drank bemoaning my failures, but booze always drank surrounded by what has now become a second family!  It has been a journey that has stretched this crazy brain of mine to points I didn’t know it could go!  At times, I have just about lost it, at times been proud of what it has learned and accomplished, and often just trying to keep her all together up there!  And finally, the boobs.  Let’s just say you’re gonna have to come see me at Amy’s Lamasco Bar and Grill.




7 thoughts on “Booze, Brains, and Boobs…the life of a girl with a bar

    • Thank Jodi!! Love and miss you guys too!! Big Guy was great the other night with advice on all kinds of techie things helping me with my podcasts! He says the bill is going to be REALLY steep…we are thinking a night of researching and developing at the Pageant is really going to be the only feasible option of working this off!! 🙂

  1. Love your logo, that is hilarious, and I am sure it brings in tons of customers too! Brilliant!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging – I am fairly new here too (jan 11) but if I can help you in anyway, let me know!

    • We decided my “assets” have always been center stage so why not just make it part of the logo! The old idea of making fun of yourself first so others can’t get to it… works with boobs on logos! (and yes, funny how boobs help sell alcohol…who would have ever thought those would go hand in hand!! LOL!)

      Your blog is fantastic, and you have figured out TONS of stuff for only being on here for 8 months! I might have to hit you up on that offer!!

      Your name is fantastic as well…liquor makes all parts of living just a little bit better!!

  2. Okay, saw you swung by my litterbox and subscribed, so I clicked on your profile to see who this woman was that was crazy enough to want to read my shit, and “whoop” there it was! She’s a damn drinker. Yep, it was an aha moment. And the fact that you own a bar just made me laugh….is there something about us ‘bar’ people that we can sense in each other? I didn’t own a bar, but my claim to fame not so long ago was managing a biker bar in the city. Fun, Fun, Fun! Where else can you get paid to hang out with your friends, shoot pool, listen to the music ‘you’ picked for the jukebox, and swill beer all day? Ah…good memories…. Sadly, I made the mistake of taking home one of those inked ponytails, and before you know it he pulled a “Green Acres” on me, moved me to the country, and nixed all my fun. 😦 Any-hoo. I wasn’t going to read any blogs today but I had to swing by. Will check out your shit tomorrow and put you on my blog roll. (Love the damn title….catchy!)

    • This is fantastic!! There is something about us bar folks that draw us together…maybe the vampirish schedules, or perhaps using terms like “slinging drinks”, but I think it is mostly the insane amount of fun we must give off, like a fabulous French perfume!! I had actually been holding off starting the blog until I could think of a name…and I’m thrilled you appreciate the title!! There are some (i.e. the pearl clutchers) that get all in snoot mentioning boobs, or booze for that matter, but that’s part of the reason it is just so much fun to do it!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!! I read a couple of the most recent ones and LOVED it!! 🙂

      • Little word of advice since you’re a newbie to this. Don’t worry about what you say, how you say it, and who it might offend. The people that you actually want to read your blog and you’ll have fun with will be the ones that you can be yourself with. Anyone else you don’t want anyway. I’m known as the potty-mouth blogger. Ha..ha.. Go figure!
        About the boobs….oh I just love it! I myself wore a lot of cleavage bearing, tank tops tucked in when I worked the runway behind the counter, and when I got bored would let the guys cast their spare change at me and use it for a tip jar. I even had some innovative ones that made little planes out of paper currency. Some actually made it right between my ‘girls’. Pretty good aim. Ah, how I miss the good ol’ days.

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