Booze, Brains, and Boobs…the life of a girl with a bar

The Walk of Shame

Yes, we’ve all been there!  We’ve had that Saturday morning, the light piercing not only the darkness of the room, but of the groggy memories of the night before!  One of my favorite little gems, that I really do adore, is watching the cars get picked up on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I love sitting in my office, with the curtains pulled open, to watch the flurry of activity in my parking lot.   The feeling of a used car lot slowly evaporates, as more return to pick up their vehicle.  With each new drop off, another walk of shame, I get to watch from my sanctuary in the back of the bar.

As Halloween is getting closer, I know that my favorite weekend for “watching the walk” is fast approaching!  This will be my third Halloween in business, as my Grand Opening was actually held Halloween weekend.  I will never forget that Sunday morning, after a night of huge success, and being shocked at the number of cars left in my lot.  Little did I know, that this would become one of my favorite mornings of the entire year!

We offer a fantastic breakfast at Lamasco, we open daily at 7am, so it is not too unusual to have many of our night-time customers join us for Bloody Mary’s and biscuits and gravy! What I was not expecting were the droves of people still in their tattered costumes and make-up gone awry from the night before!  It was one of these couples, that is to date, my favorite walk of shame of all time.

The night before, she was a fabulously sexy kitten, playing the part to a tee.  He, a muscle-bound super-hero, a caped and masked man for all time.  They drank, they flirted, they drank a little more.  These strangers made an intimate connection and bond, over jagerbombs and shots of tequila, that would last at least through the night.  I knew they were strangers, as the kitten was somewhat of a regular, and knew this was her first encounter with the hero.

I didn’t see them leave together, but their appearance the next morning will forever be etched in my memory.  She, high heels in hand, a leotard, no kitten ears, but that tail still trailing behind her.  Black mascara and eyeliner smeared to a charcoal gray all around her eyes; hair piled messily at the top of her head, tendrils falling around her face.  The masked man was no longer hidden, but behind a 5:00 o’clock shadow.  The muscle suit was gone, but he must have been convinced the cape brought him his luck, as he was still donning the last piece to his costume.  They shared a brief and awkward kiss in the parking lot.  The kitten slinked off, and the super hero flew from the lot in his truck.

Lamasco is hosting our first large-scale event this Halloween, four night of music, multiple bands, outdoor staging, vendors, and a whole host of shenanigans.  The theme nights for costumes, are going to be fantastic; from sci-fi, to zombies, hillbillies and Cowboys/Indians!  My imagination is already running wild with the possibilities…..



Festival of the Dead: A Halloween Extravaganza


Booze, Brains, and Boobs…the life of a girl with a bar

The Devil is in the Details

We have all heard the expression that the devil in the details.  What they are really saying is that small things in plans and schemes that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later on and cause the proverbial shit to hit the fan.  One of the many reasons I wanted to start this blog was tell the stories and anecdotes that have happened over the past two years, and continue to happen on a daily basis.  I was thinking back to my first few weeks in business, and the story of the toilet paper debacle was one of the first that popped into my head.

I put an offer on the bar, and within two weeks, perhaps the quickest commercial business transaction in the history of real estate, I was the proud, but totally green, owner of Lamasco Bar and Grill!  I tore out walls, changed menus, scrubbed kitchen equipment until my fingers bled, and reworked the entire entertainment schedule!  I planned, schemed, plotted and devised until my brain was on the brink of permanent fry!  I met liquor, beer, and food reps, hired staff, and planned for our Grand Opening!  All of my big plans and bigger dreams were coming into focus and we were set for our opening night.

The stream of people started filing in and before you knew it, Lamasco was packed and busy with a full house!  The beer was flowing, the shots were going out quicker than they could be made, and the register was ringing!  It was about this time, that a female patron let me know that we have run out of toilet paper in the stall, and we also had no more soap. What would later seem like perfect comedic timing, a male patron, overhearing our conversation, let me know that the same was true in the men’s room, but I had an even bigger issue.  Not only had we run out of toilet paper in there as well, but we had some shit go awry in the men’s restroom.  Literally, without the toilet paper, somebody’s shit had gone awry and was now all over the men’s stall.

Thank the patron saints of alcohol, but we do have 24 hour stores to replace toilet paper, and bleach is a mighty wondrous product!  I also quickly learned that there are fabulous companies that deliver my toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels every week and fill those little suckers up and leave this small, but so totally important “shitproofingyourbathroomstall” detail to others!

The lesson learned then, and even today, as I had some seemingly small issues overlooked this week that almost caused the proverbial shit to hit the fan, is that sometimes the devil really is in the details.  Sometimes we have to step back from our grand plans and take assessment of the small things.  We have to do this not only in our business lives, but in our personal lives too!  Take time to enjoy the small things, relish in the mundane, appreciate the simple. Sometimes living is done in the small details of life!

Here’s wishing you a perfect, toilet paper filled Saturday night!



Booze, Brains, and Boobs…the life of a girl with a bar

It’s all in a Name

They say that it is all in the name, and truth be told, I have held off starting this blog waiting for the name to came to me!  I would love to say that this vision came in some flash of brilliance, or some sleepless night going over food orders, but I do, after all, own a bar!  This name came to me as it should; after a fabulously chilled, shaken not stirred, filthy, dirty martini with gigantic blue cheese stuffed olives!  Ok, ok, you caught me.  It was really as I was well on my way into the second one!!

Almost two years ago, I left what seems like a different lifetime ago, of being a single mommy to small children, a school teacher, and the excellent connoisseur of vodka and red wine!  I had no prior food service management, had never been a bartender, and, had absolutely no idea what the hell I had just thrown myself into!

These past two years have been the most incredible journey, and it is one that I am still on.  It is one that has involved booze, dear God, a whole shit ton of booze!!  Booze bought by the hundreds of cases, booze drank celebrating my successes, booze drank bemoaning my failures, but booze always drank surrounded by what has now become a second family!  It has been a journey that has stretched this crazy brain of mine to points I didn’t know it could go!  At times, I have just about lost it, at times been proud of what it has learned and accomplished, and often just trying to keep her all together up there!  And finally, the boobs.  Let’s just say you’re gonna have to come see me at Amy’s Lamasco Bar and Grill.